The Honey Pot Effect

I’ve been hesistant to write this post but The ‘Rona has given ya girl a little bit of free time so now seemed like the perfect opportunity to discuss The Honey Pot Effect.

If you do not know, Beatrice Dixon, CEO of the Honey Pot Co. went viral after a target commerical caused a wide and significant amount of backlash from predominantly white women across America. If you hadn’t seen the commercial, check it out here.

So what’s the problem sis? As most black women, we’re still unsure why wyppo had their panties in a bunch but what we do KNOW is that you will not run up against one of ours without feeling the strength we truly possess. I felt the love we black women have for each other and I’m not Beatrice.

I, too, went and purchased the products that were available at my local target. However, it dawned on me or rather plagued me after some time why black women only seem to rally like this when another race tries us? I don’t mean to ruffle any feathers here but I have to ask the question. Why do we wait until someone outside of our race says that we’re not worthy to show up in the thousands and support one another?

As a black female entrepreneur, I have felt both sides of black women. The side where we can tear each other down without blinking and the other side when we rally behind one another and show strength in numbers. My hope is that our show of support for each other’s dreams will soon become an everyday occurence and not an “only once she goes viral” moment.

For me, black women are like sisters that fight everyday all day behind close doors but as our moms used to tell us, keep in house issues in house so when we step outside of our doors, we present to the world that we’ve got us. In many ways when we absolutely need one another, yes but everyday? Nah, sis.

Have you ever thought why didn’t Bea have that same support prior to the commercial? Or why your cousin that runs a business struggles to find her audience (aka black women) to support her? I know for me, I went through a situation at the beginning of my business that could have broken my spirit and ended my business. My target audience rallied together to shame me vs educate and lift me up and to this day I often feel I’m not as far ahead as I could be if they would’ve chosen to support me. I have even dealt with being told the infamous, “this is why I don’t deal with black businesses” by Black Women!

At what point do we stop and say, I see my sister trying and I’m going to support her efforts. Sis, may not have it all together from day one but how can she get it together if we’re not providing the means, education and guidance to get her there?

I was so excited when I saw the Honey Pot effect I even made a facebook post. My post stated, “Lord please let someone bad mouth me so that I can receive this level of support.” How ridiculous did that sound when you read it? I know right, why would you want to be bad mouthed? Because history has taught me that to get my sister’s attention, someone has to speak ill of me first.

In case I didn’t say it, I purchased both of these products, the wash and the wipes… Babbbbyyyy these products are THE TRUTH!

Let’s change that narrative. During this nationwide “shut-down”, now is the time for you to support your community. Now is the time for you to rally behind one another and make sure we’re all able to eat. Don’t stop supporting small businesses because they are the backbone of America. Make a conscious decision to support black owned businesses. Understand, we all we got! I charge you with the responsibility of doing your part.

And the next time a Bea Dixon comes along, there won’t be a need for a public show of support because we’ve been supporting our sister all along.

Until Next Time,


You Can Support The Honey Pot here.


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