My Favorite Fashion Brands and Finds

Who Knew that Taking Content Pictures Would Result in a Multitude of People Asking Where My Outfits Were From, I Sure Didn’t. But Here We Are and Here I Am Giving You ALL of the Deets. Let’s Dive In!

I’m Going to Come Right Out and Tell You, My Favorite Brand in the Whole Wide World is BCBGMaxazria. Honestly, this article can be over now lol.

I LOVE Fashion, I Always Have. You May Not Know This but I Used to Try and Sell Shoes. Lol. Yes, Shoes. I Would Buy Wholesale Shoes and Try to Sell Them via Facebook. Needless to Say that Was Short-lived. If You Hadn’t Noticed, Fashion Plays A Major Role in Fulfilling My Passion with Goldmine & Coco. Each Doll is Carefully Pieced Together with My Designs. I Love the Process! With that Being Said I Guess It Only Makes Sense that Others Want to Know Where Did I Find My Pieces.

I Hate to Be the Bearer of Bad News But I Was Unable to Find You All a Link to the Above Jumpsuit As BCBG No Longer Sells It. My Husband and I Went On A Recent Trip to Miami and I Purchased It Directly From BCBG There. It Was Like I Walked Into Jumpsuit Heaven and Everything Fit. Glory!

This Outfit is the One that Sparked this Blog Post. Can You Guess The Brand? Yessss Queen, That’s It, BCBG! Head’s Up The Top and Pants Combined are Around $450 but It is Worth Every Single Penny In My Opinion. I Saw this Jumpsuit on Sarah Jakes Roberts and Decided I Needed It Too. After Perusing the Comments Section of Her Stylist J.Bolin’s IG Page, I Saw Someone Post It Was From My Fave! I Went To the Site for Several Weeks because Let’s Admit $450 on One Outfit is No Small Ticket but Once the Site Said They Were Running Low In My Size, I Went Into My Stash Before I Could Blink. Admit It, You Have A Stash Too. Get Your Top Here and Your Pants Here.

Let’s Talk Fashion and Why It’s So Important to Me and Should Be to You. Your Fashion Introduces You Before Your Mouth Ever Opens Up. It’s Expressive and Representative of Who You Are at Your Core. You’re In Your Clothes at Least 12 Hours Out of A Day, You Might As Well Be Comfortable With Your Style Choice.

I Use Fashion and Style Daily When Creating Dolls. It’s What Makes Each and Every Doll. The Funny Part About All of This is Recently I Decided I Wanted to Expand the Brand and Create Pieces that We All Could Wear to Match Our Dolls! My First 2 Dresses are Listed and Honey They Are Cute! Grab Yours Here. We’ve Also Listed A Couple of Sweatshirts for the Fall that You Should Definitely Put On Your MUST HAVE List.

Catch the Full Video of Me in Our New Dress On IGTV. Only $35! 😉

Another One of My Favorite Brands is Coins & Connections. Check Them Out Here. If You Ever Catch One of My Instagram Lives, I Talk About Them All of the Time. Again, Your Fashion is Representative of Who You Are and They’re Brand Truly Represents Me As An Entrepreneur. Not To Mention It Is Owned by A Fellow Black Woman.

My Last “Go-To” Site is Nordstrom’s Trunk Club. Let Me Tell You I LOVE Trunk Club. Trunk Club is an Online Styling App. They Partner You with an Actual Stylist that Inquires About What You’re Looking For, What You’d Like to Spend, the Occasion and the Frequency in Which You’d Like to Receive Your Trunk. What I Love Most About the Program is They Allow You to Try On Everything Upfront in the Comfort of Your Home and Send Back What You Don’t Like. You Can Test Out Trunk Club for Yourself with My Link Here.

I Could Go On and On About All of My Favorite Sites but Let’s Face It, Our Attention Span is Simply Not that Long. Lol. I Hope this Answered Some of Your Questions Today, Next Time I Do This, We’ll Talk About Shoes. Until Next Time….