Elevation Requires Separation…

If You Hadn’t Noticed I Have Been MIA On this Here Blog. Of Course There Are Several Reasons or Rather Excuses that I Could Offer You for My Absence but the Truth Is God Was Removing and Shifting Some Things in My Life to Prepare Me for the Next Level. I Wasn’t In the Right Mental Space to Come and Share My Story. When You’re Going Through It’s Okay to Fall Back.

If I Can Be Very Frank, This Entire 2019 Leading Up to this Point Has Been Exhausting. Yes My Business is Growing, Yes My Kids are Happy, Yes My Husband and I are Still On One Accord… Yes Yes Yes. However, In the Midst of My Yes, I’ve Been Dealing with Continuous Mental Anguish. At the Beginning of the Year, I Chose My Word of the Year to Be Elevate. Giiirrrlll, Ya Girl Has Leveled UP Okkkuurrr. Wayyyy Up I Feel Blessed In Every Area of My Life.

What I Failed to Understand When I Asked For Elevation Was That It Was Going to Require Quite A Bit of Separation. I Went In Head First Thinking I Was Going to Bake the Cake, Be the Cake, Serve the Cake and Eat A Slice Too. So What Type of Separation Did I Experience? I’d Like to Think That I Experienced Different Levels of Separation. I Went Through Phase One, Two and Now Three.

Phase One

Phase One Was the Hardest. It Forced Me to Open My Eyes and See Others through the Lens of Discernment and then to See Myself. Was I Doing All that God had Called Me to Do? Was I Being Responsible with My Gifts and Talents? Was I Too Entitled? Were They Too Entitled? Did I Bite Off More than I Could Chew. SOOO Many Questions On A Daily Basis Left Unanswered. Eventually I Decided that My Only Focus Would Be On How I React to Situations and Not How the Other Side Behaved. It Allowed Me to See Past My Own Frustration and Discern Whether or Not This Was Even A Battle I Was Supposed to Fight. I’ll Let You In A Little Secret:

Silence is Golden.

Phase Two

The Improvement Phase. Phase Two Was More About Me Actively Identifying Habits and Things that I Needed to Separate Myself From. I Placed My Focus Back On My Grind and Slowly Begin to Remove Distractions. When You Are Focused on the Distraction and Not the Calling You Tend to Lose Yourself in All of the Hype. It’s Okay and It’s Normal. The Key is Recognizing that You’re Not Focused and Getting Back on Track. Knowing that Iron Sharpens Iron, I Begin to Link Up with Like Minded Individuals and Proceeded to Win.

Phase Three

Now, Let Me Tell You, Phase Three Has Been Fun. I Stepped into The Month of August with a Fresh New Perspective. I Got a Personal Trainer, Started Doing My Devotionals Again, My Business Reached A New Peak…Do You See Where I’m Going Here? I Was Separated from People, Places and Things that Were Hindering My Growth. These Things Were In My Way of Elevation. Once I Surrendered to the Calling and Said Openly That I Would Go Full Force and Stopped Asking for Permission to be Great, Doors Sprung Open. The Month of July Was the Craziest and Most Eye Opening Month I’ve Had this Year. Because of The Constant Calamity Happening Throughout the Month, I Became Proactive at Putting Systems in Place that Didn’t Make Me Feel Overwhelmed and then I Simply Did the Work.

I Want to Encourage Whoever May Be Reading this Today, to Remain Focused on Your Calling and Purpose. Don’t Get So Wrapped In Your Current Situation that You Forget What Has Already Been Promised To You. Say Boldly and Confidently the Things You Desire and Go After Them. You Can’t Be Afraid to Lose Some Things Along the Way because Fear Can Not Go Where You’re Headed. Be Blessed Love. Until Next Time.